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Uzbekistan tours

Our company gained unrivalled experience in tailoring various tours, ranging from active tours along Central Asian states to wandering historic cities as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and etc. that dates back to ancient dynasties.

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Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan tours

If you visit this site, with confidence it is possible to say, that you are interested in tours to Uzbekistan and planning and when planning your vacation you will prefer Uzbekistan, because the atmosphere of oriental hospitality, national peculiarities, local color and Uzbek culture as well do not leave you indifferent, and all the impressions, which you’ll get from the journey to Uzbekistan, remain in your memory for a long-long time. Uzbekistan tours.

Our site is intended in order you could find all the necessary information about Uzbekistan in most convenient way and select suitable for you tour.

Well, let’s begin.

Uzbekistan is a country with a rich tourist potential due to its ancient history and historical values. Every year more than hundred thousand tourists all over the world visit Uzbekistan. So, what is so attractive for people in Uzbekistan? Why this sunny country is so popular among the tourist and causes genuine interest in all guests, even once visited this so-called “Pearl of the Orient”? What is in demand in Uzbekistan? How to book tours to Uzbekistan?Here you can easily find all the answers to questions, mentioned above.

First of all this is visiting of historical and architectural sights, which there is a great variety across Uzbekistan. Here we can list a number of sights. They are as follows: historical places, monuments, museums, ancient fortresses, mosques, madrasahs and many others. In Addition to all above mentioned lots of tourists wish to get acquainted with Uzbek culture, local customs and traditions and way of life of people as well. They travel to Uzbekistan for this purpose.

For such kind of tourists, who wish to plunge into the fascinating world of Orient, we have classical tours to Uzbekistan.

Besides the sights it should be noted the nature of Uzbekistan; it is important to give special attention to the mountains. It’s impossible to stay indifferent, when enjoying the magnificent view of mountains. For this reason besides the classical tours to Uzbekistan, sports tourism is very popular, within which you can visit ski resorts of Uzbekistan such as Chimgan & Beldersai.

Within Mountain skiing tours in Uzbekistan you can enjoy your rest, breathe the purest mountain air, and simply look at the beauty of Uzbek mountains.

Moreover a lot of tourists prefer Adventure and Extreme tours to Uzbekistan. Certainly we can render such kind of services. Adventure and Extreme tours to Uzbekistan include, for example Aral Sea Trip, Camel back riding, Golfing in Uzbekistan, Hunting & Fishing in Uzbekistan. To get acquainted with these tours you can on our page Adventure and Extreme tours to Uzbekistan.

There is rather extensive choice of tours, among which you are sure to find something suitable for you.

For example for the tourists with limited budget we are glad to offer Budget tours to Uzbekistan. It’s an ideal option for people, who want to save their money. Budget tours allow will you to take pleasure in your trip and to come closer to the picturesque and various nature of Uzbekistan. We are talking about train trip. In its turn there are a number of advantages in Budget tours. First of all it is much cheaper, such kind of trip is not less comfortable, and view behind the window will not give you to get bored: you’ll have a unique opportunity to observe all the variety of the nature of Uzbekistan. You will see beautiful mountains and valleys, fields, steppes and even deserts. This picturesque landscape won’t leave you indifferent.

Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours

If you arrived in Uzbekistan with a business trip, we bring to your attention Business & MICE tours to Uzbekistan. This is the best way, if you need to visit Uzbekistan on business. You will have an opportunity to visit ancient cities such as Bukhara and Samarkand. These cities are famous for their ability to run business. Having communicated to local people, being imbued with their culture, having tasted national food, you will be able to understand Uzbekistan better. It means that you can combine business and pleasure. We hope that your staying in Uzbekistan will inspire you to new ideas and you will run your business with pleasure in Uzbekistan.

In order you to feel yourself most comfortable we offer you tours to Samarkand and Bukhara, and to have a rest from daily affairs it is suggested to visit mountain area Chimgan and Charvak, so that you can feel yourself fresh and well rested. During the trip you can visit ancient places of Central Asia and undoubtedly all received impressions will remain long in your memory and certainly you will want to visit Uzbekistan one more time.

Guaranteed departures tours to Uzbekistan. What are the advantages of these tours? Firstly such tours are organized whenever possible to reduce the prices for the tours to Uzbekistan. Below are described all the benefits of these tours. Well, certainly it’s cheap. Second fact is that it gives an opportunity to travel independently, and it is very convenient. Guaranteed departures to Uzbekistan are based on trip by train. These tours have very convenient schedule: tours are organized every 15th and 30th day of the month. It gives you assurance that any way you’ll have your trip at the planned time. If you want to use guaranteed departures tours to Uzbekistan you need just to fill in application form. It’s very easy. One more interesting peculiarity of guaranteed departures is that you will be able to meet with the people from different countries, which just like you have chosen such tour. That’ll make your trip twice more interesting!

Trip to Aral Sea. If you are interested in all unusual we offer you to observe the other beauty, which you couldn’t even imagine before. This is trip to Aral Sea. The problem of Aral Sea is very acute nowadays. But you will not stay indifferent when you visit famous Ships Cemetery. For the first sight the nature of Karakalpakstan can seem little bit desert, but exactly this contradictive beauty attracts our attention. Also you can visit Savitskiy Museum and enjoy the paintings kept in it, see tombs of massagets, more than 1000 archeological monuments. Within trip to Aral Sea you can take part in tour by off road 4x4 vehicles. Trip to Aral Sea is intended for tourists who is in search of adventures.

Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours

Combined tours in Uzbekistan. If you are “inveterate” traveler and don’t want to limit yourself just with one country, if you want to explore all Central Asia, to learn more about mysterious Orient, the best option for you is Combined tours. We offer you to visit the following countries: Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan. Travelling around the Great Silk Road you can enjoy the magnificence of these countries and feel yourself like in fairytale. You can choose the transport with the help of which you wish to travel. It can be both a train and the airways. In order you could do it easily we have on-line booking service on our site; and of course you can book a hotel for you. Further you can get more information about on-line hotel booking.

Uzbekistan Hotels. For your convenience we offer you on-line hotel booking service. We will help you to select the hotel in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and other historical cities. We have wide choice of hotels, depending on your preferences and means, for all tastes. Weather you travel alone, with your family or arrived to Uzbekistan on business, having used on-line booking service you will be assured that your accommodation will be most comfortable. You will be satisfied with the variety of hotels and can choose that one which suits you.

Uzbekistan Visa. Planning travel abroad, there is always a question about visa support. In this case Uzbekistan is not an exception. Every foreign citizen is obliged to have all the necessary documents, valid visa and sometimes LOI (letter of invitation). An exception is made for CIS countries and people from these countries can travel with no visa support. If you are not CIS citizen you should apply to the Embassy of Republic of Uzbekistan in your country and at the shortest period you’ll obtain your visa. If you need LOI, with great pleasure we will provide it for you absolutely free of charge!

For your convenience and economy of time we provided on-line booking service on our site. We hope that you chose Uzbekistan to travel to, it will open new horizons for you, oriental culture inspires you for new ideas, you will learn a lot of interesting about our country, new places, hospitable people will not leave you indifferent. That’s why we are doing all the best in order to every customer felt himself like at home. We are making our tours to Uzbekistan most comfortable, interesting and unforgettable! And our on-line booking service helps us with it.

In our section Events in Uzbekistan you can familiarize with the latest news and events, occurring in Uzbekistan. Due to this section you always be well informed about latest events in Uzbekistan.

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All the rest information about Uzbekistan and many other interesting facts you can find in section Other information about Uzbekistan.

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Aral Sea Trip

Discover the peculiar beauty of the scenery near the dying Aral sea, the Ship Cemetery, Savitsky Museum


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Heart of Central Asia

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Pearl of Central Asian

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Thousand and One Night

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Tour across Uzbekistan for budget and independent travellers, operating by schedule: every 15th and 30th day of the month.


Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours

Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours

Tours to Uzbekistan and Uzbekistan Tours